Hi. I’m that guy who doesn’t believe anything you say. You might be offended when I probe you with questions upon hearing you mention how toilet bowls flush backward south of the equator, or something like that. You might say, “Jesse, why do you have to be so critical all of the time?”

I’ll tell you why: because it makes me angry when people are gullible. It doesn’t really matter what direction your toilet flushes, but there are plenty of other falsehoods that people accept at face value which make a bigger impact on peoples’ lives. I see people all around me making decisions about what kind of diet to go on, what to do with their Sundays, which politicians to vote for, how to treat illnesses, etc. all based on myths that are easily debunked with a little research.

This blog is not so much to convince people of anything. If you want to read it, awesome. Mainly, though, it’s my way of venting. I can be critical to my blog so that maybe I will get it out of my system and not alienate so many friends and relatives in the future.

Also, I just like to write.


So who are you…really?

I’m Jesse. I live in Montana. I have three kids and a wife. I am not actually a scientists; I’m an engineering student. So while I don’t exactly have expertise in the sciences first-hand, I know more than the average bear and I’d say I have an interest in proliferating belief in scientific reasoning, which is the foundation of the engineering profession.


Why is this blog called “Testament of Helplessness?

Because I’m emo! No, seriously, though. It’s from the Bad Religion song “No Control”. You should check it out.

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